Do you want to be a better musician and enjoy music more than ever before?

Ear Training is the secret to unlocking your true musical potential. You'll learn to hear music clearly and recognise what you hear so you can play confidently by ear. 

Ear Training HQ has everything you need to succeed with ear training as quickly as possible.

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What will ear training do for you?

  • Allow you to play by ear

    The main skill you’ll develop is the ability to play by ear. You’ll be able to recognise the notes of any music you hear, so you can play it easily and accurately – no trial and error required.

  • Give you confidence

    When you can play by ear, you’ll have a newfound confidence in your playing. You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your ears will guide your fingers, and you can play in any situation.

  • Transform your playing

    Ear training will change your playing in countless ways. You’ll learn new music (and memorise it) easily, improvise naturally and improve faster than ever before. You’ll transform into a whole new player!

Feedback from musicians who have trained their ears with Ear Training HQ:

Ive invested with so many ear training exercises for almost 9 years now. Your program is different because I can immediately apply its benefits musically. Thank you so much for your dedication in helping people like me become better musicians.

Lawrence G.

After 3 weeks I began to quietly sing familiar songs that I hear anywhere. I started to hear the melody note and the tonal centre clearly and it became easier to improvise on the guitar!!!

Igor M.

I’ve progressed more in 2 or 3 weeks with Ear Training HQ, than I have in years of ear training with other courses. Thanks again for developing a quality ear-training course.

Guy F.

I love your course. It is the most useful course I own, and I own a lot. I wish I’d found your training 10 years ago…

John N.

Where would you like to start?

  • Ear Training

    Ear training is what we do here at Ear Training HQ. Find out what it is and how it will tranform your playing with our introductory series: 5 Things Every Musician Needs To Know About Ear Training. Read More…

  • Relative Pitch

    Relative pitch is the skill that will allow you to recognise the notes you hear in music so you can play by ear. Find out more in our series: Relative Pitch: The Secret to Musical Super Powers Read More…

  • Play By Ear

    Easily and confidently playing music by ear is the end goal of ear training for a lot of musicians. Find out how to do it in our series: How to Play by Ear and Transform Yourself into a Musical Superhero Read More…

  • Musical Hearing

    Musical hearing is a term I use for your ability to clearly hear each note in music. Improving it will help you with your playing in a lot more ways than you might think. Find out more information with our lesson series: Musical Hearing: The Skill That Connects You With Music

    Read More…

  • Singing

    Singing is an incredible tool for developing your ears and your musicianship. Find out why that is and how you can use it in: Singing: The Number 1 Tool for Becoming a Great Musician

    Read More…

About Scott Edwards - Founder of Ear Training HQ

Ear Training HQ was started by Scott Edwards. Scott is a graduate of the 'school of hard-knocks' of ear training. While studying music performance in college, he realised the importance of ear training, and developed an obsession with it. Sorting through a huge selection of ear training methods, and with a lot of hard work (and at times frustration), he transformed the way that he played music. He went from relying completely on sheet music, to playing confidently by ear. Since completing this transformation, he's devoted his time to refining his approach and helping others to experience the confidence and freedom that comes with training your ears.

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Are you ready to train your ears successfully and learn to play confidently by ear?

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Tell Me More!I would like to find out how to get complete access to Ear Training HQ's materials for just $1.