Are you looking for ear training so you can take your playing to new heights?

Ear training, when done right, is the most effective way to improve your musicianship and enjoy playing music. Regardless of what instrument you play or what level you’re at, if you love music, ear training should be a part of your practice. I’ve prepared a free course which explains the ins and outs of ear training that every musician needs to know. You’ll learn what it is, why you should be incorporating ear training into your practice, and most importantly, how to approach it in the right way, so you can succeed with it.

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What will you learn in your free lesson?

  • The Only Ear Training Method That Works

    First I’ll explain the method that makes ear training fast and effective.

  • How & Why it Works

    I’ll explain exactly how this method works, any why it’s so effective. This is the info that will save you hundreds of hours that you could otherwise waste on the wrong approaches.

  • Why Other Approaches Aren't Effective

    I’ll finish off by explaining why the other approaches to ear training simply won’t allow you to play music by ear (which is the point of it all right?)

Feedback from musicians who have trained their ears with Ear Training HQ:

Ive invested with so many ear training exercises for almost 9 years now. Your program is different because I can immediately apply its benefits musically. Thank you so much for your dedication in helping people like me become better musicians. Lawrence G.,
After 3 weeks I began to quietly sing familiar songs that I hear anywhere. I started to hear clear the melody note and the tonal centers (before that, I could be wrong in some of  notes in the motif, leave out the tonality). And I became easier to improvise on the guitar!!! Igor M.,
I’ve progressed more in 2 or 3 weeks with Ear Training HQ, than I have in years of ear training with other courses. Thanks again for developing a quality ear-training course. Guy F.,
I love your course. It is the most useful course I own, and I own a lot. I wish I’d found your training 10 years ago… John N.,

About Scott Edwards - Founder of Ear Training HQ

Ear Training HQ was started by Scott Edwards. Scott is a professional musician who taught himself to play by ear. He used a huge selection of different books and courses, and over about 2 years, he transformed the way he played music. He went from relying completely on sheet music, to playing entirely by ear. He realised that with everything he had learned over that time, he could have done it much faster. So he started Ear Training HQ to make sure that others could learn to play their favourite music by ear in much less time than it took him.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you