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Ear Training HQ provides you with the 3 ingredients you need to succeed with ear training.

1. Easy to follow, step-by-step sequence

A lot of musicians find ear training frustrating. This is usually because when they've tried it they work on the wrong things (or the right things at the wrong time). When you work on the right things at the right time ear training makes sense and the path forward is clear.

2. Targeted, brutally effective exercises

Once you have the sequence laid out for you you simply need to walk on down it. Ear Training HQ's unique audio exercises are incredibly effective. We've created over 1000 of them so you'll always find one for your exact needs and you'll be able to make progress unbelievably quickly.

3. Friendly support from an ear training expert

When you know the sequence and you're using the right exercises you're almost guaranteed to succeed with ear training. But if you get stuck Scott Edwards - the ear training expert who created all of our training materials - is available to give you full support and get you back on track.

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Musicians are being blown away by the results they're getting with Ear Training HQ's method.


I’ve progressed more in 2 or 3 weeks with Ear Training HQ, than I have in years of ear training with other courses. Thanks again for developing a quality ear-training course.

- Guy F.

After 3 weeks I began to quietly sing familiar songs that I hear anywhere. I started to hear the melody note and the tonal centre clearly and it became easier to improvise on the guitar!!!

- Igor M.

Ive invested with so many ear training exercises for almost 9 years now. Your program is different because I can immediately apply its benefits musically. Thank you so much for your dedication in helping people like me become better musicians.

- Lawrence G.

I love your course. It is the most useful course I own, and I own a lot. I wish I’d found your training 10 years ago…

- John N.

I'm able to discern the notes in tunes I hear around me already. Sometimes I have to replay them in my head a few times to work them out, but other times the notes leap out at me while I'm listening live. That never happened before.

- Rod W.

I just wanted to say thank you so much - I can’t believe it’s working!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the notes literally fell out of my mouth the first time I did your exercises.

So thank you for making it worth the money and time. Keep up the good work! I hope that one day when I am a famous recording and performing artist I can endorse your amazingly simple, yet effective, method. I know how important this is to every musician!

- Miguel D.

Your program is the perfect program for anyone starting ear training, or even people like me with some experience. It drills the basics of music principles and how to hear and recognize what's being played. Thanks so much for the program :) I recommend it to all my music buddies.

- Francis F.

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