Do You Have an Audience Interested in Ear Training?

Partner with Ear Training HQ and Earn Effortless Commissions While Helping Your Customers and Subscribers Unleash Their Musical Potential!

Fellow Music Educator,

Gavin here, I’m the Marketing director at Ear Training HQ, and I’d like to invite you to start a mutually beneficial partnership with us.

As a digital marketer, I know just how hard it is to build up traffic and earn the respect of your audience online. With that in mind, we are glad to launch our affiliate program that lets you have all the benefits of being an affiliate whilst still maintaining your excellent reputation, helping your subscribers, and earning the most you can from your traffic assets.

What is the Ear Training HQ Partnership program?

We’re offering fellow music educators and enthusiasts the chance to earn generous commissions every time you refer someone to our business and they invest in one of our products. This means you get paid an industry leading 50% of the sale price any time someone purchases one of our quality training courses.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in the program:

  • you can help your subscribers train their ears and unleash their musical potential
  • you get to direct your subscribers and visitors to our free training which they will thank you for, and best of all…
  • you can make more money from your website and email list without having to do any additional work

Sound like a no brainer?


Here’s how it works:

We offer a range of courses to help musicians improve their skills, including:

  • ETHQ Membership ~ $29/month
  • 80/20 Ear Training ~ $247
  • 20/20 Musical Hearing ~ $97
  • Play and Train ~ $147

When you link to our website and free training series: Ear Training Made Easy, the visitors you send will be marked as yours and taken through an email sequence where they are given a lot of free training that gently introduces them to Ear Training HQ, our musical founder Scott Edwards, and how our courses can help them become better musicians.

This funnel works extremely well at turning casual visitors into buyers without being too “salesy” and ensures your subscribers still feel respected and your reputation is preserved.

When they buy any of the courses on offer, we then deposit this money to your PayPal account after the 60 day refund period. Easy!

When you’re accepted into the affiliate program, you’re also given a special login where you can track your statistics and view your earnings.

What resources do you provide me with to promote?

Our team will provide you with custom written emails, landing page and banners for you to promote Ear Training HQ. If you can bring the visitors, we can provide you with world class promotion material to make sure you get the most value for your traffic.

How much can I earn?

We don’t put a cap on commissions. You will earn 50% of the sale price for any of our courses (80/20 Ear Training, Hear. Sing. Win. and Play & Train) and 30% of every monthly payment for the ETHQ membership so the earnings are huge.

Why are you offering this program?

We would rather work together with fellow musicians than big ad networks, and we know that we can reach more people this way even if it means we make less profit. Our mission is to reach as many musicians as possible, and we are happy to work with and compensate our promotional partners to achieve this goal.

Sounds great, where and how do I sign up?

To get started, get in touch by emailing We'll send you the links to sign up and we can have a chat about how to get the best results for both of us 🙂

Technical Details

Commissions: 50% paid out for all individual courses, 30% of each monthly payment for ETHQ All Access Pass subscriptions
Cookie Length: Lifetime
Payment: Via PayPal on the 30th of each month