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Introduction From Scott Edwards:

Have you ever stopped to think about which skill is the most important to be a truly great musician?

Perhaps it’s great technique? Or amazing phrasing? Maybe it’s relative pitch, so you can play by ear?

Even though teaching musicians to develop relative pitch is my main job, there’s one skill that I believe is more important than all of those mentioned above:

Your ability to hear music clearly. I call this skill musical hearing.

I’m sure your hearing is 100% fine, so you might be wondering what I mean by this.

I’m referring to your ability to clearly make out the sound of each individual note in music. If there’s a fast melody, can you clearly hear each note? Or if there’s a chord, can you hear which note is on top, which one is on the bottom and which ones are in between.

When you can hear each note clearly, the benefits are huge. Whether you’re an instrumentalist or a singer, it will have an unbelievable impact on the way you create music.


  • Improve your tuning and intonation
  • Be able to work out music by ear much faster and more easily
  • Learn and memorise music easily and naturally when you listen to it
  • Hear harmonies to accompany the melodies you hear in music so you can play or sing them
  • Vividly hear melodies in your head so you can improvise and write music freely and creatively

All the other skills that I mentioned earlier improve your playing, but it’s your musical hearing that makes you musical. It turns you into a real musician, full of ideas and endless creativity, so that when you pick up your instrument or open your mouth to sing, you really have something to say.

And that’s why I created Hear. Sing. Win.

This course is designed from the ground up to help you to develop your musical hearing so you can experience all of the incredible benefits I’ve listed above.

As you may have guessed from the name of the course, it involves singing. Your voice is the ultimate tool for all ear training - especially when developing musical hearing. This is because it’s controlled by your ears - if you can sing something confidently then you know, with absolute certainty that you heard it accurately - so singing allows us to check what we are hearing.

If you're not a confident singer, the great news is that Hear. Sing. Win. will improve your singing ability unbelievably. If you've ever been called 'tone-deaf', chances are that you can cure it quickly by putting a little effort into developing your musical hearing.

Hear. Sing. Win. Is made up of two sets of exercises. One that focuses on hearing and singing melodies, and one that focuses on hearing and singing each individual note when you hear chords.

By the end of the course you will be able to clearly hear and confidently sing fast, complex melodies, and each note in chords - whether it’s the melody note, the bass note or any note in between.

Within weeks of starting the course you’ll start to notice the benefits I’ve mentioned as you develop your musical hearing. You will, to put it simply, feel like a ‘winner’ whenever you play music.

I’m incredibly proud of Hear. Sing. Win and the results that musicians have been getting with it, and I can’t wait to hear about your success with it as well!

Warm regards,

Scott Edwards
Founder of Ear Training HQ and the creator of Hear. Sing. Win.

P.S. Hear. Sing. Win. comes with my personal 60 day money-back guarantee. So you have 2 months to try it out for yourself and if it’s not getting you the results you were hoping for I’ll refund your purchase in full - no questions asked!

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A Complete Online Training Solution

  • Simple, Easy To Use Exercises

    The exercises are incredibly simple. They’re easy to use so it’s easy to practice and make progress.

  • Basic Exercises for Complete Beginners

    Even if you’re a complete beginner (if you’ve never sung a note in your life), you’ll find simple exercises to ease you into it so there’s no difficult start.

  • Easy To Track Progress

    It’s easy to tell when you’ve mastered each exercises so you’ll always know when you’re ready to move on

  • Instant, Permanent, On-Demand Access

    It’s convenient to be able to log in and access the entire course on-demand, 24-7.

  • Practice Offline

    Download the exercises onto your computer, tablet or smartphone to practice whenever and wherever you want.

  • Support From The Course's Creator

    Success is certain when the creator of the course is there to answer any questions that might come up

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

    It’s 100% Risk Free Because You’re Backed By Our 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

Hear. Sing. Win. is made up of almost 200 audio exercises (that’s a total of over 10 hours!), organised into an easy to follow step-by-step structure. You receive instant, permanent access through our members’ area and you can download the exercises to your computer, tablet or smartphone and take them with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to train your ears anytime and anywhere.

2 Modules Of Simple, Effective Audio Exercises

Hear. Sing. Win. is made up of audio exercises. They are (like most effective ear training exercises) deceptively simple. In each exercise you will hear musical elements played, and you are tasked with singing part or all of the notes you heard.

The reason that you are asked to sing them is so you can check that you have heard them correctly. If you cannot pitch the note(s) you are trying to sing, you know you need to keep working on that exercise!

The exercises are split up into two sections:

  • 1

    Hearing Melodies

    In the first module, the exercises play scales and scale patterns. As you listen to the exercises and learn to sing them, your ear will improve its ability to tune into any melodic passages that it hears. The exercises start very slow and simple. Even if you cannot sing in tune at all, you will find an exercise to get you started. They increase in both speed and difficulty as you progress through the course. Towards the end you will be singing complex melodic patterns at very fast tempos.

  • 2

    Hearing Chords

    In the second module you’ll learn to focus your attention on any individual note in a chord. In the exercises you’ll hear chords played, and a technique is used to highlight the sound of an individual note from each chord. As you practice with these exercises you will develop the ability to hear a chord and isolate any individual note so you can clearly hear what it is and sing it - whether it’s the melody note, the bass note or one of the notes in between. This will help you hugely to hear, sing, work out or recognise bass lines, harmonies and chords in any music.

The Only Way to Focus On A Musician’s Most Important Skill

Even though it’s one of (and I would say THE) most important skills for a musician to develop, there aren’t any other choices available! Hear. Sing. Win. is the only course of it’s kind, that provides you with exercises specifically designed to help you develop an ear that can clearly, accurately and confidently hear any individual note in music.

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World Class Instruction From A True Ear Training Expert

Scott Edwards hails from Melbourne Australia. His musical life started at a young age - playing the piano from age 6. He started playing the saxophone at age 12, but this is where his story diverges from a lot of musicians and music teachers.

Throughout his teenage years he played in school bands, but didn't develop a true passion for playing until age 17 when he started playing jazz with friends. He dropped his plans to become an engineer and enrolled in music school instead.

After barely scraping through the audition he realised that he was far behind most of the other players in one area much moreso than all the others - his aural skills. He struggled to sing in tune, let alone recognise what he heard in music.

He was convinced that training his ears was the most important thing for him to do as a young musician, and so he dedicated himself to doing so. 2 years of daily practice resulted in not only success, but a deep understanding of the process of ear training that one can only develop by going through it themselves and dealing the the problems that come up.

Since successfully training his ears he has put that same determination towards helping others to do the same, so they can experience the incredible transformation, freedom and confidence that a musician experiences when they learn to play music by ear.

Feedback from the Ear Training HQ Community

I must say that Hear. Sing. Win. has been a HUGE help. I find I am far better able to listen to a song and figure out where to start and how to play it, which is something I couldn’t do before this training.

Also following your coaching I’ve started singing, and have come to really enjoy singing. As a small boy I had a teacher tell me not to sing, I was messing up the school concert for the rest of my class. From that moment on I had not sung a note. However after nearly 50 years you changed that for me. I can sing! And I know I’m in the right key singing the correct notes. I’m no singer but, you have allowed me to regained my love of singing. Now I’m not only more confident in playing my guitar but also in singing the song I’m playing.

Though I won’t profess to be a musician just yet, I’m still rather a novice. But my practice is more inspired, and I know someday I will be recognized as a musician. Something I had always thought was beyond my reach.

Thank you Scott.

I am eternally grateful..

Dan S.

I’ve progressed more in 2 or 3 weeks with Ear Training HQ, than I have in years of ear training with other courses. Thanks again for developing a quality ear training course.

Guy F.

Ear training is a pursuit I've been dedicated to for many years.  I can honestly say that of all the programs and methods I've come across on the internet, Ear Training HQ is by far the best.  With this method I noticed changes very early on in the way I heard music, both while listening to it, as well as on the stage playing with other musicians. Since starting with Hear. Sing. Win. I'm hearing individual notes within the chords with much more clarity then I used to and my singing has improved as well.

Tom P.

I'm currently up to the harmony section in Hear. Sing. Win. I've been doing it everyday and I can definitely tell that I can hear bass notes much better now. This course is really helping me with hearing the chord tones. Cheers!

Kei A.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI’m a terrible singer - will I be able to use Hear. Sing. Win?

    You certainly will. In fact, if you’re not a confident singer I would urge you to sign up even more strongly! Poor musical hearing permanently will hold you back from improving your singing, so you should get started straight away. As you progress through the course you’ll become a much more confident singer on top of the other benefits I’ve listed above.

  • q-iconI’m worried about people hearing me sing. What should I do?

    I have a confession to make. I still sound horrible when I sing. The thing is, my musical hearing is pretty good, but I don’t have great vocal technique. If I wanted to be a professional singer I’d have to work on it, but with any ear training, we’re using singing as a tool to improve our ears. So even if you sound horrible you’ll get all the benefits. And you never have to sing outside your practice room, so there’s no need to be afraid!

Are You Ready To Experience A Whole New Level Of Musicality And Become A True "Natural" Musician?

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