Tonality based ear training makes up the core of the approach we use here at Ear Training HQ. It’s the approach I strongly advise every musician to focus their attention on until they’ve mastered it and as such, I believe every musician should know at least the basics of what tonality based ear training is and how it works.

I’ve made this infographic to make it a little easier to understand for those who don’t know the basics of tonality based ear training. Enjoy!


What is Tonality Based Ear Training?

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    1 Response to "[INFOGRAPHIC] What is Tonality Based Ear Training?"

    • Jay McBrayer

      This is perfect, because I play by hear, bit I still have a good ways 2 go. I know this will give me a better understanding, because I still don’t hear certain cords, until I really listen and try and break them down, takes longer sometime,then I need it to. Thanks.

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