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Scott – I’ve always believed I could hear music better than I did, but 15 years of ear-training and a dozen esoteric courses consumed (not including the relentlessly-advertised popular ones), and yours is the first one to actually bring intuitive recognition of music patterns to my ears.

I am shocked at how easy it was: not endless hours of guess-the-note, but just several quick weeks of pleasant & relaxed listening to your targeted tracks. Please, get the word out, there’s a better way to learn musical hearing!

Extra appreciation for the personal attention in pinpointing my weaknesses and suggesting an easy exercise to fix it — especially considering that you figured out my issue in only one email exchange, whereas none of my live teachers over the years ever had a constructive suggestion. Thank you!!

Lyle V.

I’ve progressed more in 2 or 3 weeks with Ear Training HQ, than I have in years of ear training with other courses. Thanks again for developing a quality ear-training course.

Guy F.

Your ear training exercises have helped me a lot. I've finished the major scale degrees and am working on major diatonic chords and minor scale degrees. I'm a casual/amateur pianist but I have a B.A. in music. The ear training we did in college was much less effective than your program.

Eric H.

I just wanted to say thank you so much- I can’t believe it’s working!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the notes literally fell out of my mouth the first time I did your exercises.

So thank you for making it worth the money and time. Keep up the good work! I hope that one day when I am a famous recording and performing artist I can endorse your amazingly simple, yet effective, method. I know how important this is to every musician!

Miguel D.

Your ear training is fantastic Scott. The training is excellent and my ability to play has improved significantly with your ear training courses.

The quality of the ear training is only exceeded by your exceptional customer service.

To date Scott everything you offered, the entire package from product to service has been exceptional. I am truly grateful to have found your training.

Dan S.

After browsing for different ear training courses for some time, I chose yours for its practical application approach, and I love being able to work on ear training in my car during my commute, instead of at my computer at night when I’d rather be playing.

The work you have done developing your product is impressive. I already am seeing a difference after working with Step 1 for two weeks in the car: I find that 3rds especially are jumping out more often during the day during my teaching. Thanks again!

Mike F.

I love Ear Training HQ, it has a very fresh approach to ear training, and combines many methods that i’ve tried before in a very structured stepwise fashion. Also it’s great to have personal support from an experienced teacher.

Ismankulov A.

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